R.E.D. Friday Memorial WOD – ‘Nelms

Sgt Major Christopher Nelms

Sgt. Maj. Christopher Nelms, who was assigned to U.S. Army Special Operations Command, died on July 1 from wounds received while performing military free-fall training in Laurinburg, North Carolina. (Army)

In Honor of SMJR Nelms

Rucks On! 20-30# dry

  • 60ft Bear crawl (vb court)

Run 50m

  • 50 x step ups (steps)

Run 50m

  • 60ft lunges (ruck OH) (vb court)
  • 60ft crab walk

Run 50m

  • 50 x pp (steps)

Ruck bridge x 1

  • 12 x pull ups (ruck) / inverted rows
  • 20 x push ups
  • 30 x squats


Wear your R.E.D. and join us to Honor him!

‘De Opresso Liber’

‘Sua Sponte’


‘The Unit’

Magister Nosce!

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