I repeat, it’s hilly

Working on leg speed, and active recovery today. Pacing is something that is taught while you’re in active recovery. Keep moving for it will pay off, and leg turnover will improve.

There are times that running will feel good, and other times it will suck your spirit right out of you due to lack of rest, recovery, bad nutrition, or stress. Monitor, journal, and just be aware of what you’re feeding yourself to see a better outcome.

Today at the hill we’re sprinkling some hill repeats to your running and workout routine so keeping it varied than just going on a flat surface for most of the work. It does pay off, and have you not noticed your lung power or leg speed improvements?

Today at the Hill – ups and downs! Oh, did I forget to mention that you’ll be wearing your Ruck today?

Rucks On! 20-40# dry

Vests 15-30#

  • 2 x hill repeats (easy)
  • 20 x push ups

Run to Benches (~600m)

  • 20 x step ups
  • 40 x dips

Run to Hill (~600m)

  • 2 x hill repeats (moderate)
  • 20 x push ups
  • 40 x sit ups
  • 50 x flutter kicks
  • 2 x hill repeats (moderate)
  • 20 x oh lunges / leg (alternating)

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