Oh, I’ve got a feeling

Let’s start the week with something bland, easy to do so you can say you did something and call it a day okay?

Bwahahahaha, ya! Right! Get rucked up and make sure you have the weight set accordingly. Strap in on and get your running shoes on. A one mile run for time followed by two EMOM’s for 5min each.

Get used to your ruck kiddos because it’s going to be an integral part of your training this week!

Rucks On! 10/20# dry

Run 1 mile with ruck

  • 3 min rest

A) With rucks


  • 10 x squats
  • 5 x push ups

Rest 1

B) With rucks


  • 8 x burpees

Rest 1

  • 2 x hill runs

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