Turned it on it’s head, again

Roos Field in Forest Park, IL has everything we needed today except knee pads, and an extra pair of pull up bars. Other than that we had a blast!

The ladies wore nice purple tops which immediately reminded me of a teletuby. No offense to them at all, since they are NOT by any realm of the imagination big at all. They’re lean, mean, and strong.

We bagged the runs on an easy pace knowing we had three rounds to complete as fast as possible (AFAP). No one was gassed on the first lap, and today was a humid morning, and sparse shade in the field. Pull-ups were first on the list for ten (10) every round. One of he benefits of working out in his park is the jungle gym that is accessible to anyone during park hours.

The pulling action of the first exercise is something we all need to incorporate into our life, and inverted rows as an alternate exercise were a welcomed change from the previous days work.

Did I mention we had sore, or more like Very Sore shoulders from yesterday’s ordeal? Well, today was considered therapeutic activity day for the shoulders. From pulling exercise to pushing exercise in the guise of handstand push ups (hspu). The required movement standard was to place knees above an object while hands were on floor shoulder width apart, and head between arms while the arms are at full extension. (video below) Lower your head to floor and the landmark should be exactly as if you sit on chair with your thumbs next to your ears and elbows bent at 90 degrees. Then press yourself up to your starting position. That’s One! Hahahahaha!

Oh, smoked once again! Pacing was not the issue. It was necessary due to what was coming next! Another pushing exercise that personally looks easier than it really is. The dip in the parallel bars in the jungle gym. Balance is key, or you’re eating wood chips, and swearing like a salty sailor! Not that it happened at all….. ahem, I digress…

As an alternate you can do dips on the same area we performed the hspu’s earlier so you can get to self spot to finish without getting hurt. You’re getting stronger and learning at the same time.

I was feeling like I had linguini for arms at this point, and it was just the first set! Welp, here we go back for the burpee box jump! Dropping yourself (falling) to the floor arresting your speed to a push up position of the hands, and legs extended as in the lower portion of the push up. You’re lying belly on floor position, then perform a very dynamic push up kicking your knees to your chest, and standing up. Adjust yourself for a box jump and execute without busting yourself up! Finish box jump standing tall on top, then come back down and repeat ten times! Heehee!

You have to be precise on every single jump or you’re wearing a nice cement rash on them shins baby! Good thing everyone got it done without biting the edge! One thing I appreciate every time is the company I keep.

We are bonding through these workouts, and finding out about each other in a setting that is austere, and doing things that most people see us performing as if we’re nuts to be doing them in the first place. There is a lot of pedestrian, car traffic around us. As I gasp for air I people watch, and the looks of a) amazement, b) surprise, and c) disgust from people who need some form of physical activity, and not sucking on the cups of sugar every morning. But, I digress.

I really like that people see what everyone of us do, and hope to inspire them to make a decision to change their lifestyle in a small way that will lead to a healthier version of themselves. Just my wish.

After three rounds of having so much fun the crew went to the jungle gym, and worked on developing their pull up strength some more! Never let yourself be complacent with weakness in any movement. Always find a way to get more work in. Skill, and strength development.

We have fun, and it may not sound like it until you try it yourself. Have at it! You’ll never be the same. Hopefully you’re like us, and want to do this more often. Also do them with us, or where ever you find yourself with your ‘crew’.

Hope to see you here!

Mi A Gi

Magister Nosce!

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