When it’s time to climb…

Who’s gonna go up that hill? Me, silly. You’re gonna follow up right behind me so hang on ’cause this one is gonna get you’re lungs scorched right from the start.

Today you’ll find yourself in Westchester woods at the hill.

What will you need? From the obvious, a pair of lungs, high knee socks, or tights, bug spray (sorry kids), sun visor/sweat band, gloves, and kb.oh, trail running shoes will be a Bug win if you use them.

What are you gonna do with said equipment? Kill it! That’s what!

For time –

Hill run x 2

  • Kb lunges x 50 (alternating)

Hill run x 2

  • Kb step up x 50

Hill run x 2

  • Kb clusters x 50 (25/arm)

Hill run x 2

  • Kb Goblet sq x 50

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