For a heavy ruck work day

Walking is never underrated, especially with something on your back. Who ever said that doing something right, it has to be done by you? Or something to that line….

What I’m trying to impress on you is that the suck factorhas” to be there for this to work. Push your comfort to discomfort level scale at least more often than you would’ve if taking the easy way is your routine.

Now, take a deep breath and begin hauling your ruck one step at a time to the designated start area at the Hill with us and we can get started today. Okay? No slack!

Let’s roll people!

R.E.D. Friday Heavy Ruck

Ruck – heavy (M-50/F-30)

Ruck to boulder ~ 1.20 miles

(with ruck)

  • 30 x dips
  • 30 x step ups
  • 30 x push Press
  • 30 x leg levers

Ruck to hill

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