Wet, humid, and sweaty

Wait, you mean we have to run up there before we do the push ups and squats? (‘Nene)

Yes, she was working late and was not hydrated enough for today’s workout. It entailed running up and down the 10 times with a set of five (5) push ups and squats both at the top and bottom of each lap.

Yes sir it was a hoot just getting to the hill walking through ankle deep mud, standing water and field grass chest high. Oh I forgot we also had to do this with a vest (20/15#) respectfully.

I for one enjoyed getting my butt handed to me in this manner since mud will always make me feel much cooler and the dew in the foliage was welcomed. Push ups were ok, not fast just steady.

Looking over at ‘Nene she was having none of it. Had I said anything other than keep it up, or looking good my head would have been cleanly pulled off of my shoulders. Did I mention she was very tired and dehydrated? Yeah, just slightly.

Yet, as we finished the WOD in memory of a friend I gave Thanks.

For you brother

MSG Emigdio Elizarraras

7SFG / 3BT

KIA -020228



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