Oh, the headache

Getting to the field for the early morning WOD of burpees, jumping jacks and squats (not in order) the chill was just enough for t-shirt, and shorts only wear.

Not often will it feel cold enough for the windbreaker since getting used to freezing temps in April with a windbreaker and one layer underneath.

Once Selene, and I began our warmup I immediately regretted not hydrating enough. Feeling dizzy, and lightheaded didn’t abate until the end of the workout.

Finished with the mobility warm up we started our timers. Personally I wanted to finish as fast as possible, but reality hits hard. In my minds eye I felt as if I was going through fairly fast and fluid. Then reality hit me when I opened my eyes and paid attention to my movement. (Doh!)

Moving more like a fly in molasses than an elite athlete (not that I claim to even be at that level). I was moving more like a geriatric man than a fluid, young athlete. With the ruck weight smashing the back of my head it helped me to keep moving just to finish even faster.

This is where I noticed that my burpees were not going as fast or as well as I usually complete the task. Getting up from the bottom on set two of three I was beginning to do a semi split to jump out of it. Oh, what’s feeling.

Ever have a parent or older brother smack you on the back of the head once to correct you or just harass you? Imagine that smack 60 times with a ruck weighing 30lb.

Selene basically paced herself maybe due in part to watching me do a quirky up dog / down dog for a very long and slow time. I was determined to finish even if I looked like a very drunk Woody from Toy Story.

She could’ve smoked, yet she slowed enough to give me some sort of ego boost. (Ha!). Just kidding, I have no shame. She has gotten much stronger, and way faster in just over a year.

Our post WOD 2 x 800m times runs were ok. Not fast enough to claim any kudos for me, yet I can see her improvement.

Tomorrow is going to be different. No easy day, no slack.

Hope to see you here soon.

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