Wet with stingers

What can you look forward to when you’re thigh deep in foliage, the field is wet from this mornings thunder storm? and have a hill AMRAP?

Easy answers

a) You won’t notice how sweaty you are

b) You’ll have more protein in your system than anticipated due to swallowing the bugs as you’re mouth breathing

c) Face planting on a muddy hill is a Huge possibility. (‘Nene took a header) lol

d) Hill repeats are always fun when there is less water

e) Hill repeats are not so much fun when water collects in your shoes, and shorts

f) Ab work performed is always a relief when you’re getting cooled down on the muddy ground (take it when you can get it)

g) Always go into these workouts prepared for the mosquito barrage on your legs, arms and face (and mouth). They’re brutal

Hope to see you soon!

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