Rucking a short distance to get your butt handed to you is always a great start to your week.

I’m exaggerating, it was a lot of fun. Pick up ruck, and ruck to benches. Just over 600m travel distance and pick up bench to begin exercises. 25 reps of the following exercises –

Push ups, step ups, butt biters, lunges, and leg levers. The video recorder crashed prior to getting the leg levers in, and just the same – it was a gut buster. Once complete with the exercises we picked up bench to return it to the original spot. A 600m+ hike back to ruck start location. One mile hike to top things off today was a welcomed warm down.

Muscle fatigue was present on push ups, and it needs to get better for all involved. All of the exercises were in cadence 4 count so it was a pace and tempo some are not used to.

Otherwise a great workout at the park once more.

Hope to see you soon.


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