Getting the ruck back

There are times when getting out of bed at the crack of oh dark ugly just isn’t what you wanted to do. Today was one of those mornings, and feelings be damned we got up and donned our Speedo’s (j/k) and headed to the RuFF Hill!

The grass is high, humidity is high, and everything you touch or walk on is wet. Donning our rucks and carrying the kb’s into the grassy hill, I was taking in the beauty of the moment with child like eyes. Everything felt right working out in this environment.

Having been here the day before it felt comfortable starting with mosquitos buzzing around and not having any effect on anyone’s effort today unless you were eating them accidentally because of mouth breathing. Hahahaha, yes it happens often. More protein isn’t bad.

200m run in the grass, cement and the hill was a breath of fresh air. We knocked out the lunges with kb/rucks varying in weight from 26lb kb up to 35lb rucks. Not a problem and sweating from the word go was welcomed really since it helped keeping us cool.

Lindsey and Lauren’s second day were just a little uncomfortable from the beginning due to the grassy area we worked out in, yet they got comfortable right from the start. A lot of laughs and heavy breathing from both classes today.

Learning to be uncomfortable in foreign terrain while getting fatigued is not a normal thing for the general population. However it is something we do here often. The uninitiated look at it as if we have a third eye on our heads then they go and try it themselves and they make a commitment to come back because it’s so much fun and different.

Keep fit, stay hydrated and see you out there soon!


P.S. Featured pic is from our hill. 🙂

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