Hill stuff

Today was a scheduled hill day for some leg work and speed work. Nothing fancy, just show up hydrated, and warm prior to the hill stuff.

By stuff you’d imagine some gargantuan effort by everyone’s dread of hill work. It was far from being anywhere near difficult. It is meant to get what ever is nagging at you out while at the hill doing some controlled hill repeats with sufficient amount of rest.

Recovery of sort from yesterday’s event of the heavy ruck WOD. We are still on build up mode since the ruck March from last week. (See yesterday’s post)

Grass was high, ground was wet, air was humid, and hill was steep. Yet, running up that hill for me today felt very easy. What I should say is that I did not feel like lead going up or down the hill.

Eric is like bull in a china shop so the grass was fairly trampled today so we could see his trail.

Weber had on the futuristic footwear – Salomon Speedcross 4. He was like a goat, an old one that has a slight gimp but clambers up mountains just the same. I’m not judging I’m observing.

Selene, she’s developed as an athlete since last year. There is a great blog site she writes in about where she was when she began her journey with us. As a runner, let’s just say that figuratively speaking WD40 ‘May‘ have come up on some conversation to get her a little limber. Teaching her how to run has been monumental! Until we almost lost her in the hip high grass….

Selene, and I wore the Xero Shoes – Terraflex

As far as hill repeats, my PE (perceived effort) = 4. I am speaking for myself here. That honestly rates at a very low level yet perfect for recovery and skill work. Legs have to come back, cadence has to come up, and speed will follow.

No one felt like they were pushing the envelope today. It was just right. The only thing we’d feel a like sure of would be that if the grass was any higher Selene would’ve disappeared on one of those laps. So, wear bright shirts on the hill from now until it gets mowed this summer (crossing fingers) by FPDCC. Our tax dollars at work.

Hope to see you out there with us soon. Westchester Woods (RuFF) Sledding hill, and Forest Preserve is a great place to workout at.


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