Just a walk

Went for the morning WOD 180530. Selene had a 20#, I had a 50# ruck today due to the short distance we were ‘just‘ going to fast March it. Ha!

There is no such thing as fast with 50# on your back when you’ve barely recovered from yesterday’s wod! First miler wasn’t too shabby, just felt compression on thoracic spine due to weight on back.

It just meant that I had to keep upper torso muscles tighter, and move deliberately at a good clip.

Selene began to feel the effects of the ruck on her feet due to the 20 mile march we did on 5/25/18 for Chicago Veterans Annual Ruck March. She had some gnarly blood blisters on the soles of both feet, and one on her right heel. So, my discomfort was trumped by her bilateral foot pain. (Don’t tell her that or I’ll never hear the end of this one either…)

We walked fairly fast, and of course the sounds and smells of freshly cut lawns, and car repair/paint and body shops were mixed in the air we both inhaled during the walk. Our jaunt began at RuFF Hill (Cermak/Gardner) North on Gardner to Canterbury (Stop sign) and back.

Once the Mile one was complete we began our calisthenics of : (without rucks)

  • 100 mountain climbers
  • 50 burpees
  • 100 air squats

Selene quickly flew through the exercises and still had oxygen to want to ask me questions and talk! Can you believe her? She expects me to answer questions when my oxygen is being used so that IDONOT DIE!

Mile two was as expected, tough on the way out but sped up for the last half. Sped up to me means ‘I did not fall on my face during the walk!’. Selene did so good she actually slowed her pace down enough for me. Bless her heart! But seriously, where’s my ‘samich? (J/k).

Pics/Video on FB pageRuck and Field Fitness

coming later today

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