Ragnar Trail 5/11-12

Had a Fantastic weekend with an incredible team and teammates that supported each other through some very challenging trails. Beautiful scenery along with steep climbs in the Heat and Night made this #RagnarTrailKY a success!!

The weekend running began in earnest on Thursday morning as our wave took off an hour earlier per our team request. We are not the fastest team yet as individuals we all had personal records during two of the three trail loops. Trail runs were a mix of open canopy on the latter part of the trail with a Horrid trail climb which was approximately 3/4 to 1 mile in length at the end of a trail yet felt like two miles under the sun and heat beating down on you mercilessly.

Hydration is key, so is timing nutrition to make a running event a total success. Rest as much as you can, sleep when you can, massage those legs because if you don’t self treat those tight muscles and feet you will pay the price.

A runner stick is a miracle in itself since you can use it any time and body location to help your tight muscles so that you can be successful in your endeavor to finish this Ragnar Trail

I made a rookie mistake by leaving my left shoe too lose for the last trail loop #redtrail and so I paid the price by hitting my toes frequently inside the toe box, all the while painfully finishing my last run with a PR. Win!!

Shoes- @xeroshoes #terraflex

Team – #runshido

Hydration/Electrolytes- @cranksports #efuel #egel

#trailrunning #prbaby #losingtoenails @ Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area

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