Saturday Feels

Went for a hike today with Gil, Selene, and my AmStaff Gunner with our rucks. Weights ranged from 20lb -40lb ‘Nene used the Rucker, and I used the GR1.  I’ll let you guess who wore what.

Bad boy Gunner worked his little paws off today on his inaugural long walk of the year. Every year we go on that One big dog walk and he loved it.

Now it’s pamper time for everyone since Gil just had his very first ruck March today. How many miles there buddy?

Selene wore the TerraFlex , and I wore their Prios for the ruck march.

A ten miler for today and a nice pool or two we waded into on the #saltcreektrail. Cooled my feet off enough to get this done.

Hydration by @cranksports #eFuel and #eGel

Post recovery meal had at Tastee Corner Cafe in Berwyn, IL. You’ve got to have it!

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