Just Friends

As far as weekends go I’d say it was uneventful. However spending quality time with friends and being there for each other is what enriches the bonds by being vulnerable and humble at the same time.

Being there for each other sharing good food, great convo, and belly hurting laughs is what friendships were meant to be. Along comes the sad or tough times, and we support each other up to see the tough times through for we also lend an ear or shoulder all the while we also give the nudge or foot to butt to get us moving.  Friends also hold each other accountable.

Friends are hard to come by since everyone is an “online” friend with no real way to make that personal connection due to distance or fear.  Step up and be the exception to someone today.  Share the meal, or drink. Smile, laugh, cry, be angry, or just listen.  Be that One person someone calls you Friend.

Enjoy time with true friends.  They are a treasure, and a gift.

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