First experiences

As the morning of April 2nd came to be I had a chance to see a dream come to fruition. Starting my own fitness business in the woods of Westchester, IL. It is as scary, and nerve wracking as it sounds but you have to jump in both feet hitting the ground and start running no matter what.

Fear really isn’t the first the that crossed my mind that morning only what if the hill isn’t what I envisioned it to be. No one described it to me at all. I’ve only seen it driving past it and over it heading home for two years. With the seasons gone by I never really contemplated working outside for quite some time.

The one thing other than my expectation was what if no one wants to do this (exercise) outside in the real elements. I mean, it’s just cold enough to freeze water outside within minutes and it’s freaking April!!!!! Really, come on man! I expected way more from the weather than the hills/forest!

Regardless, day one was a hit! Our little band of movers and shakers came out and sucked it up with arms opened wide along with their lungs! Yes, we do have fun while we workout and at tines have to crack jokes to see it through. You must learn to get out of your head to get through these uncomfortable situations and stick with the program no matter what.

Mi A Gi

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